Moyoko Detangle Brush – Unicorn

$ 17

The Moyoko brush has a rounded shape to comfortably fit the shape of your head, making it easier and more efficient to brush your hair.
The hair bristles and pins are made from nylon.
The brush pins contains Argan oil to add softness and shine to your hair.
The small silicone pins help detangle the hair and reduces frizz.

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When can I use the Moyoko Brush?
Anytime you need to brush your hair and in any situation – wet or dry hair.
Even when heat styling your hair, the brush will assist you in getting a shinier, smoother look.


Additional information

Weight 0,1 kg
Dimensions 5 × 8 × 25 cm

Customer Reviews

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Cairn King
Great gentle brush

My daughter has fine curly hair and this brush works really well on her hair no more screaming matches when we have to brush her hair and a lot less breakage!

Sadiyah Asmal

Absolutely recommend this brush for unruly hair, doesnt hurt

Afsana Ahmed

Moyoko Detangle Brush - Unicorn

Da-Nel Maitland
Moyoko Detangle Brush - Unicorn

My 3 year old daughter loves her unicorn brush, she takes it everywhere. She believes she's a princess of all the unicorns 😍

Melish Johnson
Moyoko Detangling Brush Unicorn

All I can say is you won't go wrong and it was the colour for me,you can never go wrong with Moyoko.

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