Moyoko Detangle Brush – Pastel Pink

$ 17

New Pastel Colors! Improved Grip!
The Moyoko brush has a rounded shape to comfortably fit the shape of your head, making it easier and more efficient to brush your hair.
The hair bristles and pins are made from nylon. The brush pins contains Argan oil to add softness and shine to your hair.
The small silicone pins help detangle the hair and reduces frizz.


When can I use the Moyoko Brush?
Anytime you need to brush your hair and in any situation – wet or dry hair.
Even when heat styling your hair, the brush will assist you in getting a shinier, smoother look.


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Customer Reviews

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Olivia Barnard
Detangle pastal pink brush

I love the brush. It's soft on the hair and on my scalp.
I love the curved shape to it aswell & ofcourse the color.

I'm in love!!

I can't go a day without my brush.
With scuba diving my hair gets tangled alot. This is the only brush that combs through my hair after a dive. I have xtra long hair and for daily use this is perfect.

Tess Green
Best Brush Ever

Truly the best detangling brush I’ve ever used as well as smoothing. Highly recommended

Best Brush Ever

I have tried many a brush for my thick wavy hair but this brush just does the trick!

My dream brush

The best brush in the world😍😍i have never used a better brish than this
No pain
Hair super soft
Words not enough to describe this brush
Worlds no 1 brush

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