Mycro Keratin – Keraxir Repair Masque – 500ml

R 995

A detoxifying blend of herbal ingredients enriches hair and scalp with antioxidants & nutrients for a deep moisture repair.

For dry, damaged and split end repair, use Mycro Keratin Repair Masque.

Formulated to prolong your in salon keratin treatment. Paraben Free. No Salt added.



  • For all hair types; great for wavy or curly hair in need of high moisture
  • Antioxidants help restore dry, damaged hair
  • Repairs and aids in restoring damaged strands
  • Tames frizz and detangles knotty hair
  • Delivers rapid results to dry damaged hair, reducing further breakage
  • Detangles & smoothes hair

Additional information

Weight 0,6 kg
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 10 cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Mycro Keratin - Keraxir Repair Masque

Wonderful product. I live at the ocean and my hair always went wild and frizzy. Since using the masque I no longer have wild nor frizzy hair. Would absolutely recommend this product.


I have thick frizzy hair (all year around!) Micro Keratin is a life saver. Having now used this product for three years, my hair is manageable, it blow dries beautifully straight, no frizz but also able to curl and hold curls when I want to jazz it up a bit. Hair is shiny and in good health with no more split ends like I used to get. Thank you - for making something in life easier :)

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