The science behind our results

Combatting damage, exposure and aging

Every hair on your head consists of 90% keratin, a protein that plays an important role in hair growth, hair regeneration, and overall hair health. It gives your hair strength and elasticity as it is made up of long chains – it allows the hairs to bend and fold without breaking. Keratin also makes hair shinier, more supple, and thicker in volume.

However, consistent exposure to environmental elements damages the bonding between the keratin strings. We are all increasingly vulnerable to not only exposure from natural elements, but also chemicals such as chlorine, which further strips keratin from hair. As we age, our body fails to generate keratin fast enough to combat this damage and consequently our hair becomes brittle, dull and lifeless. However, we have developed a solution to this unavoidable dilemma.

Our product makes use of technology that creates molecules of keratin miniscule enough to penetrate the cuticle layer of each strand of hair, repairing it from the inside out. In doing so, our treatment restores and revitalises hair – returning it to the beautiful and strong state that every person deserves.

Prepare for the best hair of your life

A cut above the rest

Mycro Keratin uses a technology that creates molecules of keratin so small within our product, that they are able to penetrate each strand of hair, repairing it from the inside out. While there are many products on the market today which contain keratin and various vitamins promising to enrich your hair, the molecules within them are too large to actually do anything more than sit on top of your hair and wash off when the hair is rinsed.

We at Mycro Keratin understand that the world of hair care is ever changing and that is why we are always willing to develop newer, better, more efficient technology with our products.


“Through the penetrative qualities of our formula, Mycro Keratin combats the gradual aging and damage of hair. Our treatment revitalises the hair structure from the inside out. The hair is given new life and strength as the inevitable loss of keratin is reversed”

Our Classic Keratin Smoothing Treatment 

Mycro Keratin products are made using the same basic formulas and base components. We incorporate natural ingredients and vitamins that have been meticulously selected for all our products. This ensures that we produce an ever-efficient high-quality product. Furthermore, this means that the revitalising effect of the treatment can last for as long as six months, if used in conjunction with the Mycro Keratin home care range.

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