Mycro Keratin Smoothing Treatment

This is one of the most advanced revitalising, smoothing and anti-aging treatments available in the world of hair care. Our treatment contains natural ingredients such as keratin, jojoba oil, argan oil, various minerals and a variety of vitamins which will boost the natural hair’s moisture content as well as improve its health and shine.

The Mycro Keratin range was developed using our signature technology, penetrating the hair – rebuilding from the inside out. The result is healthier, stronger, shinier hair with boosted keratin levels for up to six months if maintained properly.

Mycro Keratin is for everyone

The Mycro Keratin treatment can be used on all hair types. People from all ethnicities can experience the treatment and the products can be used on virgin hair, colour-treated hair, dry hair, oily hair, damaged hair, you name it! The treatment is suitable for both women and men. The results of the treatment and usage of the products thereafter is a full head of healthy, full-bodied, shiny, strong hair. Furthermore, our Classic Mycro Keratin Smoothing Treatment is known and tested to restore hair extensions that have been dried and damaged to their original state.

What to expect in the Salon

  • Consultation: client consultation and completion of client analysis form.
    Your stylist will walk you through a client analysis form, where aspects such as your hair porosity, texture and desired outcome will be confirmed. If you have virgin, grey or box-dyed hair,  your stylist might prepare your hair for the treatment with peroxide, based off your answers from the analysis.
  • Clarifying Shampoo: removes all fats and oils from the hair and scalp before the treatment.
    The clarifying shampoo thoroughly prepares and cleanses all dirt, built up product and other fats and oils from the hair and scalp. This step is done to ensure that the treatment can penetrate the hair structure.
  • Rough dry: until the hair is 100% dry.
    As the treatment is water-soluble, it is important that the hair is 100% dry before the treatment is applied.
  • Treatment application: after sectioning off your hair, your stylist will carefully apply the treatment, taking care that each strand is saturated with the treatment. The result is a ‘wet’ gel-look.
  • Waiting period: after the treatment is applied, your stylist will leave the hair to dry naturally for a minimum of 30 minutes.
  • Heat application: this is the most important step of the treatment, as it “locks in” the keratin by sealing your hair’s cuticle. Your stylist will activate the treatment by ironing thin sections of your hair, ensuring every strand is activated. The strokes and heat used will depend upon your hair porosity, texture and your desired result.
  • Basin Booster Treatment: we recommend washing the treatment off after the activation to show the client the real results you achieve by only rough drying the hair. Your stylist will also identify the ideal homecare for your hair wants and needs.
    You have the option to leave the treatment on for an additional two to three days, although the treatment can be rinsed off directly after the activation

For guaranteed results, use the Mycro Keratin home care range. Lasting results can only be guaranteed with its use, as it contains 10% of active ingredients found in the actual Mycro Keratin treatment.

Our Award Winning Retail Range

At Mycro Keratin, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality products that prioritize both performance and safety. That’s why our entire Retain range undergoes rigorous dermatological testing to ensure efficacy and skin compatibility. You can trust that each product is dermatologically tested and approved, providing you with the utmost confidence in your hair care routine.
  •  Keraxir for fine to medium hair
  • Madame Madame for medium to thick hair
  • KROMA for colour-treated hair
  • Tone & Treat Silver range for blonde and grey hair