My hair has never looked nor felt this amazing! To say I am happy is an understatement and to say that Mycro Keratin is good is an insult – Mycro Keratin is unbelievably amazing and I am ecstatic! I would most definitely recommend Mycro Keratin, it is life changing!

Casey Wicks

Since I was young I’ve had wild, course, frizzy and honestly uncontrollable hair! I’m always busy and on the go that I often don’t have time nor do I want to damage my hair by constantly ironing it. I’ve dreamt of the day when I could wash my hair and dry it off quickly without taking hours and then still having to iron it! Thanks to Mycro Keratin my dream has come true!

Casey Wicks

I just love what MK has done for my hair. I have healthy manageable hair.

I’m a true advocate of the Mycro Keratin treatment.

Delmare Bailey

I had my MK done and my life has changed for the better. I can honestly wash my hair in the morning and leave it to air dry, smooth and frizz free.

If I desire to iron it later it’ll take 10min. Happy customer, no more bushy hair!

Rushaan Ebrahim