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Our Mission

Mycro Keratin is dedicated to the ever-changing world of hair care. Our mission is to create a world of smooth, healthy and beautiful hair with a promise of products that deliver transformative results.

We produce a vast array of products which promote hair smoothness and replenish the hair with the keratin which it lacks. Our Classic Keratin Treatment contains a unique formulation created using a unique system and we ensure that as the market expands and changes, so do we. The Mycro Keratin treatment replenishes the proteins which become depleted through exposure to natural elements and the chemicals we are vulnerable to in modern life. Our promise is not only a treatment that delivers quality, but one that delivers real results.

Our Values

  • Beauty without Cruelty
    All Mycro Keratin products are PETA approved. Mycro Keratin has been a certified PETA company since 2018 – We Don’t Test on Animals and we pledge not to do so in the future. We have met the requirements to be PETA-certified as a cruelty-free company. We are featured as a registered company on PETA’s official Global Beauty Without Bunnies directory.
  • Award Winning Products
    Voted Best Haircare Brand of the Year by Salon International. This award was voted for by salons and stylist, proving we have a winning formulation backed by the industry.
  • Guaranteed Quality – GMP & FDA Complied
    Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. GMP covers all aspects of production from the starting materials, premises, and equipment to the training and personal hygiene of staff. There must be systems in place to provide documented proof that correct procedures are consistently being followed at each step of the manufacturing process – every time a product is made.
    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), is a government agency in the USA responsible for protecting public health. The FDA regulates products to protect consumer health by ensuring the safety, efficacy and security of these products. This means that products are safe to use, benefits outweigh any potential risks, that they are effective for the intended use of the manufacturer and have not been tampered with in any way.
  • Internationally Registered Trademark
    Mycro Keratin is a registered trademark in multiple countires worldwide, all rights to the brand are reserved by us – ensuring we can proudly proclaim that any product with a Mycro Keratin logo is that of superior quality.

The Training Process of Mycro Keratin

The Mycro Keratin treatment must be viewed as being comprised of two important elements: one, the product which we supply and two, the way in which the stylist uses and administers the treatment. It is a combination of both of these aspects that result in a successful treatment and this is why we make sure those who stock and administer our products and treatments are trained correctly, in order to get the best results for the client.

We ensure that the professionals responsible for performing the treatment are competent, as the correct application and technique is a vital part of the Mycro Keratin treatment. See our Before & After here.

Certified Mycro Keratin Salons

At Mycro Keratin we see all our certified salons as business partners. For that reason, they all receive comprehensive training and education on a regular basis on technique and how to represent the brand correctly. We also issue hairstylists with an official Mycro Keratin certification once training has been completed. Mycro Keratin partners are required to keep the complete product range in salon as it ensures longevity of the treatment.

To become a certified Mycro Keratin Salon, please use the registration form.  We will revise your application and get back to you in a few days. May you have any questions, please email our head office at

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